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Mystery Geometry Quilt by Polly Pohlman

June, 2020

We are offering a mystery quilt project as a fundraiser. An advantage to this type of fundraiser is that the guild has NO expenses in bringing this to you. Your participation fee of $25 goes directly and completely to the guild!

General information:

  • You may join at any time. There is no deadline.
  • The first email will be sent on Monday, June 8th. Subsequent emails with instructions will be sent to participants on the following Mondays:
    • June 15
    • June 22
    • June 29
    • July 6
    • July 13
    • July 20
  • We will have an optional weekly Zoom meeting for questions, discussion and peeking at people’s progress. Information regarding these meetings will be shared through the QAL emails.
  • We will devote part of the August 25th meeting (virtual or in person) to showing our quilts.

Notes from Polly:

  • The quilt is a seven-week block project with weekly zoom meetings, if needed.
  • The quilt will be 39½”x47½”. It could make a great wall hanging, a fun baby quilt, or gift for an art lover. You could enlarge the quilt with a border.
  • The final quilt design will not be revealed until week 6.
  • Weekly instructions could include a chart or two showing fabrics needed, sub-cutting lists, and/or a piecing plan with a photo shown of the final block you will complete in that week.
  • The Prep Week is choosing and cutting fabric.
  • Weeks 1-5 is the sub-cuttng of the sashing strips needed for that week and the creation of blocks 1-5.
  • Week 6 is the creation of block 6 and sewing all blocks together to create the quilt top and “solve the mystery.”
  • Quilting and binding will be left up to you. I do, however, suggest an invisible quilt facing instead of a traditional binding. Some examples of how a few people have finished the quilt will be shown in week 6.

Minimum Fabric Requirements:

  • White – 1½ yards (exactly 49” needed)
  • Black – ½ yard
  • Primary Red – ¼ yard (You will actually only need one 9”x9” square)
  • Primary Yellow – ⅛ yard
  • Primary Blue – ⅛ yard
  • Binding – ⅜ yard for traditional binding or invisible quilt facing

Fabric Suggestions:

Two features that make this quilt pop are negative space and high contrast. Minimalism is characterized by the repetition of simple geometric forms using a limited color palette and it is noted for being hard-edged with precise transitions between colors. I (Polly) would encourage people to push the boundaries and think outside the constraints of the proverbial box.

  • I (Polly) made the blocks in solids.
  • A friend made the quilt with patterned fabrics that mostly read as solids. This friend also used a white fabric with a gray swirl for the white and that worked well.
  • Sarah is planning to reverse light and dark.
  • Polka dots could be fun!
  • Using 3 shades of one color instead of the 3 primary colors is another possibility.

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